EPDM Bonded Washer Rubber Bonded Metal Seal Washer

EPDM Bonded Washer Rubber Bonded Metal Seal Washer
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Bonded Washer

Parameters of Bonded Washer

Working temperature: NBR:-30+120℃


Working pressure: ≤40 Mpa

Medium: Medium: hydraulic oil, emulsion, water;

Material of Bonded Washer

Material:  Rubber and Metal

The metal ring is rust-proof, and the rubber ring is generally made of oil-resistant NBR or FKM.

Suitable for sealing pressure system of welding,ferrule,expanding pipe joint,screw plug and mechanical device in pipeline system with oil as medium,so as to prevent leakage of oil,fuel,water and medicine. Because of its simple structure,high efficient sealing and low price, it is widely used in machinery manufacturing industry.

The Bonded Washer use a combination of metal washer and elastomer seals.It vulcanizes the sealing lip to the edge of the metal part to seal bolted connections and fittings. It is used in all industrial applications such as pipe connections and pipe joints. When tightening the bolt connections, the sealing lip will be pressed against the plane. The metal washer ensures reliable connection and secure fixation of the components. The thickness of the retaining ring limits the compression of the elastomer seal and eliminates the phenomenon that the joint exceeds the limit torque,thus ensuring the reliability of the sealing system.

The internal pressure increases on the sealing lip,thereby increasing the sealing force.

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