Customized Any Size High Quality Y-ring in NBR/FKM/PU

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4 Customized any size high quality Y-ring in NBR/FKM/PU



Y-ring shape, the model can be based on conditions of use, reference standard or optional; groove design is generally based on the selected Y-shaped ring to check the corresponding standards obtaining the shape, size and tolerance. Seals on the general design principles, we should note the following:

1) to accommodate the sealing ring cavity should be designed as simple as possible, compact, easy to dismantle.

2) clearance of the supporting parts and pressed parts and the cylinder wall (or piston rod) can not be too much; but not too small, easy to produce a clamping phenomenon otherwise subjected to eccentric loads, resulting in injury.

3) the use of the dust and work environment, to be equipped with a reliable dust ring.

4) the installation position of the design seals should be avoided when installing seals have a big stretch.

5) should pay attention to the installation direction of the ring, do not load pressure plus the back in the ring.

6) ring is relatively rough sliding surfaces generally take Ra = 0.2μm more appropriate, and working conditions are less strict, it is desirable. Ra = 0.4μm. Sliding surface does not allow processing defects.

Product Description

1. All raw-material purchased from: DuPont (US) /  Dow Corning (Germany) / Bayer (Germany) / KRAIBURG / 3M , products hardness can made from 30Shore A to 95Shore A.

2. Had own mold department more than 20000 size mold , Inner diameter from 0.05mm to 1.2m, C/S from 0.5mm to 20m can be a molding for one time shape, biggest ID can made over 6m , C/S over 30m

3. NBR materia withstand high and low temperatures from -40° To 120°

4.Applied industry:   chemical industry, petroleum Industry, medical technique, food industry, sewage-disposal industry, steel industry, and so on.

5. Applied equipment :  Mechanical sealing, pressure vessel, gas compressor, reaction vessel, heat exchanger, boiler, filter and so on.

6.Main advantage: First, excellent anti-chemical character. It almost applies to all mediums.

Second, temperature range is very wide. (Around -30° C to200° C)

Third, anti-compressibility function is very good.

Four , Oil proof, Alkali resistance, good elastic and long lifespan

7.Operation conditions: Pressure: <=50MPa

8.In house tool making and free of tooling charge for standard rubber ring, the mold line can be 45° and 180°.





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