Good Quality Hot Sale FEP/PFA Encapsulated O-ring in VMQ/FKM

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6 good quality hot sale FEP/PFA encapsulated o-ring in VMQ/FKM




Encapsulated O-ring of the rubber elasticity and tightness and Teflon chemical resistance of organic combination, which is composed of Teflon FEP or Teflon PFA is covered outside the inner core of a combination of silica gel or Viton gel system and relatively thin and become, the Teflon rubber sealing ring with excellent sealing performance. Rubber O ring is easy to wear, resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and gas permeation performance is poor, pure Telfon O ring with high hardness can resist compression but less flexible. Coated with Teflon FEP/Teflon PFA O ring has anti soluble good up and chemical stability (unless the erosion of alkali metals, fluoride and halide is at high temperatures) have good elastic near the rubber O - ring, friction coefficient of Telfon FEP/ Teflon PFA is very small (only 0.1~0.2), but also has anti gas permeability good, these properties make Encapsulated O-ring can be really used in harsh environments.

The main advantage

1, outstanding chemical resistance, suitable for almost all the chemical medium

2, excellent corrosion resistance

3, wide temp range

4, good compression resistance

5, the anti friction

6,Anti swelling property good

7, resistant to high pressure

8, excellent sealing durability, long service life

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