Y-ring Work Performance Can Be Stable

The main reference to the structural design of the Y-ring is that the working pressure and the different working pressure need to adjust the corresponding parameters in the design. The structural design parameters are as follows: the amount of the lip, the thickness of the lip, the outer lip The angle between the cylinder and the inner lip and the piston rod. Which lip design is very important, which is directly related to the Y-ring sealing performance.

Y-ring in the design according to the size of the cylinder diameter, so that you must contact with you there is a certain amount of interference, which can produce the initial sealing force. The amount of interference should not be too large design can not be too small, when the Y-ring inner lip greater amount of interference, will increase the lip and contact surface friction, resulting in excessive wear and tear lip. Although the Y-ring generally has a self-compensating function, but this time to reduce the overall life of the ring.

When the smaller amount of interference, the direct result is the lip and seal contact surface relaxation preload is not up to standard, poor sealing effect, the conditions for high pressure conditions will be more serious.

Y-ring in the pressure to withstand the smaller, the sealing force of the seal are generally only from the seal of the preload, but when the pressure to withstand the seal, this time in order to improve the sealing performance, can not just consider The amount of interference problems, but also need to consider the problem of the thickness of the lips, the thicker the stronger the ability to resist bending.

Y-shaped ring of the lip can be removable molding or mechanical cutting way to shape, for the lip size is small or large size is usually used to form a molding method, there is another method, the use of cutting Processing methods Cutting lip, the need for specialized tire, and more than a process, the production cycle is longer.

 Y-ring includes two types of one is two lip equal to the general type of Y-ring, the other is the length of the two lips different. These two are reciprocating seal pressure can reach 32mpa. Yx-type seals can be divided into holes and shaft with the points, the hole with the pure high, shaft with a higher external lip.

Y-ring and Yx-ring structure is characterized by a handle with a root, can be regarded as U-ring with an additional handle-like root, increased the height of the seal (sometimes the height can reach the radial thickness of the Twice), to improve the root of the anti-wear ability and to avoid filling trenches in the tumbling and twisting, so that the filling position and work performance can be stable. A handle-like root instead of the pressure ring, simplifying the structure, to facilitate the installation of Y-ring.

Yx-type ring can be regarded as an improved form of Y-ring, the equal length of the lips to a long one short, in the reciprocating movement, Yx ring in the structure of the normal small amount of movement, the root or The long lips close to the side walls of the trench, protecting the short lips from being tipped in the gap.