Y-ring The Whole Life Of The Seal Ring

The Y-shaped seal ring is a typical lip-shaped seal ring.

According to its cross-section of high and wide ratio, can be divided into broad, narrow, yx type and other categories;

If the height of the two lips is equal, it can be divided into axis, hole general type, such as high lip y-ring and unequal high lip axis with Y-shaped seals and holes in the Y-ring.

Y-type seals are widely used in reciprocating dynamic seals, and their service life is higher than O-type sealing ring. The working pressure of Y-type sealing ring is not less than 40MPa, and the working temperature is-30~80℃;

Working speed range: The use of butyl-eye rubber when making 0. 01~0.6m/s; 0.05~0.3m/s, when manufactured with rubber, 0.01~lm/s. The sealing performance, service life and working pressure limit of the Y-type sealing ring are all good for the polyurethane rubber material.

The main reference factor for the structural design of Y-rings is the pressure of work, the different working pressure needs to adjust the corresponding parameters in the design, in which the main structural design parameters are: The lip of the interference, the thickness of the lip, the outer lip and the cylinder body and the angle between the inner lip and the piston rod. The design of the lip mouth is very important, which is directly related to the sealing performance of the Y-type sealing ring.

Y-ring in the design should be based on the size of the cylinder diameter, so that it must be with your contact surface has a certain amount of interference, this can produce the initial sealing force. The design of interference can not be too large or too small, when the inner lip of the Y-type sealing ring is larger, it will increase the friction of the lip and the contact surface, resulting in excessive wear of the lip mouth. Although the Y-type seals generally have a self compensating function, this reduces the overall service life of the seal ring.

When the interference is small, the direct result is that the lip mouth and seal contact surface relaxation preload is not standard, sealing effect is poor, for high-pressure conditions will be more serious.

When the Y-ring is under less pressure, the sealing force of the seal ring is usually only from the preload of the seal ring, but when the seal ring under pressure, at this time in order to improve the sealing performance, it can not only consider the problem of the surplus, but also need to consider the thickness of the lip, the thicker the lip edge bending ability is stronger.

The sealing lip of y-ring can be molded by molding or mechanical cutting. For lip size is small or large size is, usually used in the form of molding, there is another way, the use of cutting methods to cut lip mouth, the need for special tooling, and more than one process, production cycle longer.