Y-ring Sealing Performance Reliable Pressure Resistance

Y-ring section is Y-shaped, is a typical lip ring.

According to its cross-section of the high and wide ratio of different, can be divided into wide, narrow, Yx type and other categories;

If the height of the two lips is equal, it can be divided into shaft, hole type of common high lip Y-ring and unequal high lip shaft Y-ring and hole with Y-ring.

Y-ring is widely used in reciprocating seal device, its service life is higher than the O-ring. Y-type ring for the working pressure of not more than 40MPa, the working temperature of -30 ~ 80 ℃;

Working speed range: 0.21 ~ 0.6m / s when made with nitrile rubber; 0.05 ~ 0.3m / s when made with fluororubber; 0.01 ~ lm / s when made with polyurethane rubber. Y-ring sealing performance, service life and different retaining ring when the working pressure limit, are made of polyurethane rubber material is better.

Y-ring features can be summarized as follows:

1) Sealing performance is reliable

2) Frictional resistance is small, smooth movement.

3) good pressure, the use of a wide range of pressure.

4) simple structure, low prices.

5) easy to install. In the case of

Y-ring is a hydraulic pneumatic system in the reciprocating seal device commonly used seals, the service life and sealing performance are higher than the O-ring. Y-shaped lip is wider than a single V-ring, so the sealing performance is better, just use one, so the friction is less than V-shaped ring. The Y-ring can be adapted to the requirements for pressure and sealing performance by changing the cross-sectional structure and dimensions. Y-ring suitable working pressure is less than 40MPa; Working temperature -30 ~ 80 ℃; working speed range; when made with Ding Jing rubber is 0.01 ~ 0.6m / s, when compared to 0.05 ~ 0.1m made of rubber polyurethane / s The

Y-ring is the most commonly used material is polyurethane rubber, polyurethane rubber Y-ring sealing performance, service life and the use of different retaining ring when the working pressure limit are higher.

 Y-type ring hydraulic cylinder exclusive ring, Y-ring is not so widely used O-type, but its importance is self-evident. Y-ring there are many types, so the corresponding use of materials are more extensive, including the main polyurethane, Dingqing rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber the following four.

Then the following Gaoke Rubber on the following four materials to do the following one by one to explain:

The first is polyurethane, polyurethane in the many categories of the classification of polyurethane is almost universal, each type of Y-ring can use this material. Polyurethane material compared to other materials a major advantage is wear resistance. From the appearance can also be seen that the material produced by the Y-ring than other rubber hardness, good shape, which is because of the high brittle polyurethane material reasons.

Polyurethane material during the breakdown for the TPU can be divided into two kinds of classes and class cpu, wherein tpu rubber is a name, the name of the thermoelectric tpu plastic urethane rubber, this material can be softened at a certain temperature, and at room temperature The next can be used to maintain the same effect.

Belonging to the cpu CPU resins having a wide range of hardness, high strength and elongation, excellent wear resistance, superior overall performance is mainly used in mining, industrial sector as a raw material for some products.

These two V-ring material is different from the use of the environment is not the same, which requires the purchase of seals according to their actual situation to set.

The other is to remove the polyurethane material other rubber, such as fluorine rubber, silicone rubber and so they made out of the Y-ring, with a certain degree of flexibility, such as Y-type water seal. In addition to the selection of the structure in addition to the accident, the main is the temperature and compatibility with the media on the judge.