Y-ring Has A Wide Range Of Hardness

The main reference for the structural design of Y-ring is the working pressure, different working pressures need to adjust the corresponding parameters at design time, wherein the structural design parameters are: the excessive volume of lip mouth, the thickness of lip mouth, the angle between the outer lip and the cylinder body and the inner lip and the piston rod. The design of lip mouth is very important, which is directly related to the sealing performance of Y-type seals.

Y-ring is designed to be based on the size of the inner diameter of the cylinder, so that it must be contacted with you have a certain amount of interference, so that the initial sealing force can be produced. Excessive volume of the design can not be too large and too small, when the Y-type seal ring in the inner lip of greater interference, it will increase the lip and contact surface friction, resulting in excessive wear of lip mouth. Although the Y-type seal rings generally have the self compensating function, this reduces the service life of the whole sealing ring.

When the surplus volume is small, the result is that the lip and seal contact surface relaxation preload is not standard, the sealing effect is poor, for high-pressure working conditions will be more serious.

The sealing force of the sealing ring is usually only from the preload of the sealing ring when the Y-ring is under pressure. But when the sealing ring under the pressure, at this time in order to improve the sealing performance, can not simply consider the surplus of the problem, but also need to consider the thickness of the lip edge, the thicker the lip of its bending resistance.

The sealing lip of the Y-ring can be disassembled by molding or mechanical cutting. For the small size or large size of the lip is usually used in molding, there is another way, the use of cutting processing methods of cutting lip, the need for special tooling, and a number of processes, the production cycle is longer.

Y-type seal RING hydraulic cylinder exclusive SEAL ring, Y-ring is not like the type O application of wide, but its importance is self-evident. Y-shaped seal rings have a lot of types, so the corresponding use of materials is also more widespread, including polyurethane, Ding Qing rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, the following four kinds.

Then the following four kinds of materials to do the following:

First of all, polyurethane, in the Y-ring of many classifications of polyurethane is almost universal, each model of the Y-ring can be used to this material. Polyurethane material compared to other materials one of the main advantages is wear-resistant. From the appearance can also be seen that this material produced by the Y-ring than other rubber hardness high, molding good, this is also because of the high brittleness of polyurethane materials.

Polyurethane material in the subdivision of the words can be divided into TPU class and CPU class two, the TPU is a rubber name, TPU name called thermoelectric plastic polyurethane rubber, this material can be softened under certain heat, and can remain unchanged at ambient temperature. The effect of stabilizing support on shoes.

And the CPU is a resin-type CPU has a wide range of hardness, high strength and elongation, excellent abrasion resistance, the main application of the comprehensive function in the mines, industry as a number of products raw materials.

The two kinds of V-seal ring materials are not used in different environments, which needs to be determined according to their actual situation when purchasing seal rings.

In addition, the polyurethane material other rubber, such as fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, such as they produced the Y-ring, with certain softness, such as Y-type water seal. In addition to the selection of the structure of the screening accident, mainly the temperature and the medium-compatible with the judgement.