Y-ring Easy To Wear And Heat Deformation

 The Y-ring is mainly used in the piston rod or seal of the hydraulic cylinder, the Y-ring seal can be divided into two types of pressure, in the absence of media pressure only by the compression of the lip of the preload to close to the sealing ring to play a role in the media pressure, the medium will be filled with the inner lip of the groove between the good outer lip, The two lips are pushed to the pressure, so that the lips rise more open and then close to the sliding part, so the cavity body should be oriented to the media installation when the Y-ring is installed.

The Y-ring can withstand the maximum operating pressure of around 20Mpa, when the pressure exceeds this value can be assisted by the support ring to fix the pressure increase. The Y-Ring also has a certain amount of self compensation, which should be worn gradually in use.

It is necessary to note that the Y-ring is suitable for the sealing of the reciprocating movement in the middle and low pressure. such as piston and cylinder, piston rod and piston cap. It mainly relies on the lip close to the sealed surface, and acts as a seal. Therefore, the seal lip tip is easy to wear and heat deformation. Therefore, the measurement and design of the lip size is the focus, including the outer diameter of the lip mouth, the diameter, the mouth of the preload and clearance volume.

Y-ring, a lip-shaped sealing device widely used in the hydraulic cylinder, cylinders, cylinders to the piston rods or pistons to seal the role, compared to the O-type sealing ring such a squeeze-type sealing device, the Y-type seal ring sealing principle more complex, the following high-tech rubber for everyone to describe the Y-ring seal in the two pressure conditions

When there is no pressure in the sealing equipment, the Y-ring mainly relies on its open lip to close to the sealing surface, which is the smaller contact pressure of the lip. At this time, the sealing condition is, each lip mouth has the same normal pressure to the medium, so in the compression of the medium of the bottom of the Y-ring will be subjected to axial pressure, then the lip mouth of the contact surface increased, the contact stress also increased.

When the pressure inside the sealing device is elevated, lip pressure distribution is also gradually changing, the size is also changing, lip mouth and seal surface contact pressure increased, at this time the sealing effect is better, from the scientific name of this situation is called "self-styled action" is also the Y-ring sealing principle.

Under the good self-appointed action, a Y-ring can withstand the 32mp of high pressure, the Y-ring can be used to the pressure of the medium fluid into the sealing force, when the Y-ring installation of the minimum preload, and the two are proportional. The same situation will also reduce the friction, which is the Y-ring compared with the squeeze-type sealing device, the reason for the small friction.