Which Industries Can Be Applied To Rubber Balls

1.The ordinary rubber ball is the use of natural rubber for the screening of the general material on the vibrating screen.


2.silicone rubber ball has many advantages, such as good elasticity, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and easy to fall off. It is mainly applied to the screening of materials in industries with higher requirement for sanitary conditions, such as food, medicine and chemical industry.

3.the bullet ball is a composite material with small solid elastic, wear-resistant, repeated use and other characteristics (elastic force can be customized according to the requirements).

Rubber ball is a multi-functional rubber accessories, can be used in vibration equipment, toys, printing plants, decoration and other industries. A rubber ball and silicone ball vibration equipment is indispensable accessories, rubber ball in play the vital role in the operation of vibrating screen, mainly imitate artificial slapped screen surface can reach the effect of non blocking network, which belongs to the vulnerability of vibrating screen, suggest to change a 1-2 under normal circumstances should be considered (bounce the ball wear situation).