Three Key Points Of Choosing Encapsulated 0-Ring

Encapsulated 0-Ring is a common sealing element, and there are three most important items in the process of design and selection:


First: groove size:

O ring is installed in the groove, in order to be able to play the best sealing effect, we should set an initial preload. The static seal and dynamic seal should be considered in the design of the groove. The section size of the O ring is proportional to the height of the groove. If the trench is too narrow or too wide, at the time of installation will be stretched and tighten the size is too large, so in the process of using prone to shear or interference due to the insufficient seal damage and oil leakage.

Second: working environment and medium

This includes temperature, medium, frequency and so on. The working temperature of fluorine rubber is about 250 degrees, and the actual work should be taken into account at this temperature. Encapsulated 0-Ring of the medium is relatively wide, inorganic salt, water, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, grease, if using two element fluorine rubber must adopt two vulcanization. Frequency refers to the reciprocating speed and rotation speed of sealing parts. Because of the good abrasion resistance of fluorine rubber, most of the working environment can meet the requirements.

Third: work form

According to the working form can be divided into static seal and dynamic seal. According to the working form of the cylinder, it can be divided into: hole seal, shaft seal and rotary seal; the sealing diameter of the hole should be equal to or less than the diameter of the groove. The axial direction should consider the direction of the pressure. The device can be divided into radial device and axial device. Radial device, a shaft seal, should make the O-ring sealed inside and between the diameter error as small as possible.