The Advantages Of The Oil Seal Rings

Compared with other type seal rings, the Oil Seal Rings has the following advantages:

suitable for a variety of seal forms: static seal and dynamic seal

Suitable for all kinds of use materials, size and grooves have been standardized, interchangeability

suitable for a variety of movements: rotation, axial reciprocating, or combined motion (for example, rotary reciprocating combined motion)


suitable for a variety of different sealing media: oil, water, gas, chemical medium, or other mixed medium

Through the selection of appropriate rubber materials and appropriate formula design, the effective sealing effect of oil, water, air, gas and various chemical medium is realized. The range of temperature is wide (- 60 ~ + 220 C), and the pressure is up to 1500Kg/cm2 when used for fixed use.

Simple design, small structure, convenient assembly and dismantling

The section structure of O shaped ring is very simple, and has self sealing function, and the sealing performance is reliable.

Because the O ring itself and the structure of the installation are very simple, and have been standardized, so it is very easy to install and replace.

More varieties of materials

It can be selected according to different fluids: nitrile rubber (NBR), fluororubber (FKM), silicone rubber (VMQ), ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM), neoprene rubber (CR), butyl rubber (BU), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), natural rubber (NR) and so on.

Low cost

less dynamic friction resistance