Seals To Promote Industry Development In Our Country For The Better

Industry optimism sealing industry in General, formation of State-owned enterprises, private enterprises, specializing in tripod, output is basically one-third. Are stepping up efforts to reform State-owned enterprises and large private enterprises to rise; foreign capital influx, major well-known companies in the world are in China, joint venture, sole proprietorship, sales business, showed a trend of shifting manufacturing to China. In technology Shang, State-owned enterprises led products is to 80 generation introduced and independent development mainly, basic is international mid-range level; private most to middle and low products mainly, but funds accumulated quickly, using domestic has has technology, gathered rich experience of talent, technology progress more fast, its products quality, and varieties and service in competition in the constantly improve; foreign-funded enterprises to high-end products mainly technology and abroad quite, for territory joint venture, and owned enterprise by needed high-end host and focus engineering provides supporting.