Sealing Ring The Level Of Performance Directly Affects The Transmission Equipment

Sealing ring is mainly used to seal the role of its sealing medium there are a variety of oil-based. Mainly used in a variety of transmission systems such as hydraulic pneumatic systems. Sometimes the ring in the equipment to play both the role of grease and dust, sealing performance directly affect the performance of the transmission equipment is good or bad, as the mechanical equipment in the annex to occupy the status of more and more important. Good sealing ring products first from the material to consider, if the product material, but then in the fine processing techniques can not be reflected, then the seal material selection should pay attention to what conditions?

It is very important to select the sealing material according to the sealing medium, because the seal will be in direct contact with the sealing medium, if they do not have good compatibility between the seal will not only damage the sealing medium. The material of the sealing ring should not be subject to corrosion and wear of the sealing medium, chemical reaction and a series of circumstances, special circumstances need special consideration.

The ability of the sealing material to adapt to the mechanical movement speed is also different. When the mechanical rotation speed is high, the seal of ordinary material may fail to cause leakage.

The effect of temperature on the performance of the sealing material is very high, too high or too low can not. Excessive temperature will reduce the hardness and stretch of the seal, the temperature is too low will make the seal brittle. So each kind of sealing material has its own adaptation of the minimum and maximum temperature, and now most of the sealing material are mostly mixed material, so the temperature should be more accurate control.

Sealing ring material is also very sensitive to the working pressure, there are different materials made of seals and different types of seals can withstand the pressure there is a big difference, so the seal products in the pressure, oil, temperature The points In the case of oil seals, the working pressure is less, and if it exceeds its range, it will not only cause leakage but also reduce the service life of the seal.

The presence of the sealing ring is essentially to protect the equipment and maintain the normal operation of the equipment, such as in the hydraulic cylinder seal can prevent its internal and external leakage and prevent the outside of the impurities into the equipment to avoid impurities for oil pollution and equipment components friction , Increase the service life of equipment, reduce the work of the failure.

The quality of a device seal is increasingly becoming an important indicator of the performance of the equipment. With the development of modern mechanization, the old and extensive sealing method will be gradually eliminated. The position of the seal as an accessory to the mechanical equipment will become increasingly important.