Sealing Ring Structural Compactness And Physical And Mechanical Properties Better

Sealing ring is mainly used in concrete pump truck piping above, play a sealing effect. Therefore, the rational use of sealing material, the operation of the pump in the whole process is very important. Sealed apron material is different, the corresponding resistance is also different! Small seal, the role of the pump can be big!

The current production of seals is usually two ways: turning and molding. Molded is a more traditional process approach, compared to the greater flexibility of the turning process, easier to operate. Then the two seals compared to the turning process some advantages?

First, the processing of the sealing ring and the traditional molding sealing ring is different. Turning the hydraulic seal of the raw material is heated by the raw material after melting the high pressure extrusion molding of the blank material, and then through the software programming a variety of sealing ring data for the special turning CNC seal processing equipment, turning the completion of the hydraulic seal.

Turning hydraulic seals are not subject to size restrictions, can be processed any size, any cross-section, any number, any material of various turning hydraulic seals,Sealing Ring for non-standard hydraulic seal users, do not bear the need for mold processing mold High cost and waiting time.

Molded plastic ring production process shortcomings

1, the density is poor, due to lack of rubber filler products prone to defects.

2, due to the shrinkage of rubber and the actual size of the required deviation.

3, the product appearance of poor finish.

4, the special size of the need to open a long time and so on.

Advantages of the production process of turning seals

1, due to high pressure extrusion of the internal molecular structure of the compact and physical and mechanical properties better;

2, after a special turning CNC equipment processing of the seal size is more accurate, sealing the fineness of the higher;

3, no mold turning hydraulic seal of the single piece of processing time of about 1 minute, shortening the delivery time of the product;

4, turning seals without mold restrictions, no standard restrictions, according to the overall wear and tear to change the thickness of the cylinder, the rational allocation of tolerance,Sealing Ring processing more personalized, more suitable sealing products; diameter up to 4000mm.

Turning seals commonly used materials

Polyurethane (tube material, bar), filler PTFE, POM, Dingqing rubber,Sealing Ring polyether ether ketone, PTFE, etc., there are some special materials.