Sealing Ring Simple Structure, Easy To Use And Maintain

The sealing ring is mainly applied to the conveying pipe of concrete pump truck, which plays a sealing role. Therefore, it is very important to use the sealing ring material rationally in the whole process of pump vehicle operation. Sealing aprons material is different, corresponding resistance is different! Small sealing ring, the role of the pump can be big!

The integral composition of a bearing seal ring, a seal body and a skeleton, and an edge of the sealing body extending out of the shoulder, and when the bearing is used, the shoulder is matched with the bearing seat end face. This seal ring is installed in the bearing outer ring dust-proof groove, cannot loose in the dust-proof trough, after bearing is pressed into the bearing seat hole, the bearing uses the end face of the sealing ring shoulder to press the bearing in the bearing seat hole, to locate the bearing outer ring end face, the seal ring shoulder and the bearing seat metal friction between the bearing's running process, and prevents the bearing outer ring from turning, Reduces the bearing outer ring wear, in order to increase the friction, the shoulder outside surface suppresses has the pattern or the mesh groove, thus prevented the bearing and the bearing seat the relative movement, the rubber has the damping effect, causes the bearing vibration and the noise greatly to reduce, lengthens the bearing service life. This seal ring can be used in different structures and sizes of bearings, especially suitable for use with large thermal expansion coefficient materials or thin-walled housings.

1. SEAL ring in the working pressure and a certain temperature range, should have good sealing performance, and with the increase of pressure can automatically improve the sealing performance.

2. The friction between the sealing ring and the moving parts is small and the coefficient of friction is stable.

3. Sealing ring corrosion resistance is strong, not easy to aging, long working life, good wear resistance, wear to a certain extent can be automatically compensated.

4. Simple structure, easy to use and maintain, so that the sealing ring has a longer life.

After the seal ring is installed in place, the elasticity should be able to have the pre pressure on the contact surface when no oil pressure is applied, that is, its section should be compressed and deformed; If there is oil leakage, the replacement of a seal ring is not correct, the new seal should also be carefully inspected its surface quality, in the confirmation of no small holes, bumps, cracks and grooves and other defects and enough flexibility to use the rear

Storage of spare seals should be placed in a dry and cool ventilated place, to avoid the sun exposure, to avoid heat and damp, to pay attention to the acid, alkali material contact, the recommended storage should not exceed 1.5. Sealing ring contains more additives, easy aging deterioration. So it's not possible to put a spare ring in place.