Sealing Ring Simple Structure, Compact Installation

First, Sealing Ring is a circular shape of the sealing element, it is widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment, in a certain temperature, pressure and different liquid or gas medium to play a sealed role, and other seals Circle, compared with the following advantages:

①, sealed parts of the structure is simple, the installation site is compact, and lighter weight.

②, self-sealing effect, often only one seal will be able to complete the sealing effect.

③, good sealing performance, used as a fixed seal when almost no leakage, used as a sports seal, only when the speed is high when some leakage.

④, movement friction resistance is very small, for the occasion of the pressure can also be adapted.

⑤, size and groove has been standardized, low cost, easy to use, easy to use and outsourcing.

Compared with other seals, there are three problems:

①, starting the frictional resistance.

②, used as a pneumatic device seal, you must add lubricating oil to prevent wear.

③, the coupling parts, such as the movement surface, grooves, gaps and other processing size and accuracy requirements are very strict.

Structural Design Principle of O - ring Rubber Seal

Since the Sealing Ring is mounted in various trenches, the installation of the trenches is shown in Table 4-1-3.

Pressure and seal gap

The Sealing Ring is typically sealed by the springback produced by compression, but as the pressure increases, it is squeezed into the sealed voids to produce a shape change

In order to make the Sealing Ring has a good sealing effect and prolong the service life, it is necessary to make the installation of the Sealing Ring groove and the sealing part of the gap design is appropriate, when the gap is too large Sealing Ring in the oil The role of squeezing the gap, causing damage, causing leakage. When the working pressure is less than 9.8Mpa generally do not design retaining ring, when the pressure is greater than 9.8Mpa Sealing Ring surface is easy to be squeezed out, should add ring; if one-way pressure, set a block in the pressure surface Circle, if the two-way pressure will have to set up two retaining ring

In the rubber material standard, the hardness and compression of the two permanent performance of the most important weight. The choice of a rubber material with a small compression deformation is advantageous for the sealing performance, and the hardness is critical to the pressure and resistance to the O-ring. According to domestic standards and practical experience, rubber at the specified temperature of the maximum compression deformation of not more than 50%. While the hardness of rubber and seal the work pressure is closely related to the higher pressure, hardness is higher;