Sealing Ring Corona Resistance, Arc Resistance, High And Low Temperature Resistance, Anti-aging Performance

As we all know, the Sealing Ring is an indispensable part of the vibrating screen, sealing ring is commonly used in the U-shaped and V-type, mainly used in the mother-child grid and dust-proof cover above, sealing ring is to better seal the screen box between the connection, to prevent the leakage of materials, while reducing the vibrating screen in the vibration of the screen box damage.

SEALING ring commonly used materials have rubber seals, silicone seals and polyurethane seals three kinds, no special requirements on the top of the machine are equipped with rubber seals; silicone and polyurethane seals are mainly used for materials with special characteristics, such as high-temperature, oily, corrosive and other materials.

One: Silicone Sealing Ring Performance

1. With excellent sealing performance, waterproof does not leak.

2. Good preservation effect, completely non-toxic and tasteless.

3. Can be placed under high temperature heating, no deformation, do not produce harmful substances.

4. Good tensile strength, after special testing.

5. Long-term use does not change yellow does not fade.

6. Corona Resistance, arc resistance, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging performance, high temperature resistance, in line with the FDA and SGS standards.

Two: The advantages of silicone Sealing Ring

Heat-resistant: silicone rubber than ordinary rubber has much better heat resistance, can be almost always used under 150° and no performance changes, can be used in 200° continuous 10,000 hours, under 350° can also be used for a period of time. Widely used in heat-resistant occasions, thermos sealing ring, pressure cooker ring heat-resistant handle.

Cold resistance: ordinary rubber late for -20°-30°, that is, silicone rubber in the -60°-70° still have a good elasticity, some special formulations of silicone rubber can withstand very low temperature

Three: Silicone Sealing Ring defects

It is not recommended to use in most of the solvent, oil, thick acid and diluted hydroxide.

Inflatable seals are mainly used for the clearance between the sealing hatch and the hatch of large mechanical equipment, because of the influence of the machining and assembling precision, or by the change of the ambient temperature, resulting in the expansion and contraction of the deformation, the gap which needs to be sealed is inconsistent, or change,

Inflatable sealing ring is mainly used for large-scale mechanical equipment sealing door and hatch gap between, due to processing, assembly precision, or by the ambient temperature changes caused by expansion and contraction deformation, resulting in the need to seal the gap is inconsistent, or change, the scope of change generally in 3-5mm above, Sometimes even up to 10mm above, the use of ordinary seals is difficult to achieve the ideal sealing effect. In this case, a sealed product that can vary with the seal gap is required. Inflatable seals are a new technology that is successful in order to meet this need.

The retractable part of the inflatable Sealing Ring in the natural state is contracted in the groove, when the air is inflated through the inlet nozzle into the sealing coil, the airbag is deformed by the internal pressure, the middle recessed part expands outwards, and the groove is close to the other sealing surface, thus sealing effect; When the seal state needs to be lifted, The air is then discharged through the exhaust nozzle, and the expansion part of the Sealing Ring is automatically retracted into the Groove (natural state) and detached from the sealing surface.

Inflatable sealing ring is a kind of sealing technology used under certain conditions. The early period mainly relies on the import, its cost is conceivable. However, due to the complex manufacturing process, the requirements of the material is high, the finished product pass rate is low, and in different occasions the use of inflatable seals of the cross-section shape, circumference size, circumference direction, and so on, each of the specifications of the inflatable seals need to be designed and manufactured a large mold, so the cost of manufacturing is very high.