O-ring Introduction

O-ring, star-shaped ring, O-ring coated

O-ring is mainly used for static gap sealing of fluid (such as water, oil, air, chemical solvents, chemicals, etc.), long-term use temperature of -60 ℃ to 220 ℃. Due to different materials, static pressure less than 20Mpa. Sometimes used for dynamic, dynamic use of pressure less than 5Mpa, and semiconductor vacuum sealed.


star-shaped ring

Star ring can completely replace the use of O-ring, non-prototype cross-section, to avoid rolling in the reciprocating motion. Is based on the performance of the O-ring has made changes and improvements, the standard size is exactly the same with the US AS568 standard O-ring

O-ring coated

O-ring coated chemically resistant, suitable for almost all chemical media, wide temperature range, good resistance to compression, anti-friction and excellent sealing durability, mechanical seal filters, pressure vessels, radiators, boilers, pipelines Flanges, gas compressors and more