O-ring Failure Forms And Countermeasures

In the process of using O-ring will appear failure due to improper selection, groove size design unreasonable or improper installation and other causes of the O ring, O ring as technical personnel according to the failure judgment failure reasons, and take corresponding measures to solve.

1. If the damage is installed, some or all of the seals are neatly wound. Cause:

1. grooves and other parts are sharp wingers

2. groove design is unreasonable

3. Seal Size discomfort

4. seal hardness or low elasticity

5. seals on the surface of the seal

Solution: clear edge angle, groove design more reasonable, select the size of the seal, installation is to pay attention to clear dirt.

Two. The seal is curled. Cause:

1. installation error

2. material is too hard or too small

Inhomogeneous surface treatment of 3.O type ring

4. groove size inhomogeneous

5. the surface of the groove is rough

Solution: correct installation, select high elastic material, apply lubrication as even as possible, ensure the processing quality of grooves, and improve the cleanliness of groove surface.

Three, extrusion, the seal has a rough and damaged edge, one side of the pressure is low, and the cause is:

The 1. gap is too large

2. material is elastic or too low in hardness

3. the trench space is too small

4. the edge of the groove is too sharp

5. the size of the seal is not suitable

Solution: select the appropriate gap, select high hardness or high elasticity material, reasonable groove design, reasonable design edge angle, choose suitable seal.

Four, the permanent compression deformation, the seal surface presents the permanent compression deformation. Cause:

1. overpressure

2. high temperature

3. material did not finish vulcanization treatment

4. material itself has high permanent deformation rate

Overexpansion of 5. material in chemical medium

Solution: select the low deformation material, ensure the quality of the sealing material, and confirm whether the material is compatible with the medium.