O-ring Common Fault Solution And Storage Method

O-rings are prone to failure due to improper use of daily work, such as rubber ring overheating and other failures. The failure of the O-ring not only delays the daily work and operation, but also wastes manpower and material resources, causing losses. Therefore, we must be familiar with solutions to different situations.


1, O-ring overheat

If the O-ring is overheated, check the seal of the centrifugal pump and its cooling device as soon as possible. This inspection is mainly to check whether there is any blockage in the equipment. If there is any blockage, it should be cleaned in time.

2, improper selection of specifications

When the O-ring is not properly selected, it will lead to permanent deformation and affect the use. Not only will the O-ring lose its original performance and will break, it will also prevent the slider from moving. So choose must be careful and match.

3, O-ring extrusion

O-rings sometimes have a small space, and when they are in a narrow space, they will have an extrusion phenomenon. At this time, various parts of the O-ring should be adjusted immediately to improve the situation in the narrow space.


O-ring storage method

1.O-rings should be kept away from direct sunlight, moisture and air circulation to prevent accelerated aging of O-rings. The suitable temperature for O-rings is 0-20°C, and the appropriate air humidity is 70% or more. In addition, damage from radiation, aversion, insects, rodents, dust, sand, mechanical damage, etc. should also be avoided.

2, O-ring storage must be more than 1 meter away from the heat source, do not allow contact with acids, alkalis, solution oils and other liquids and gases. It is not allowed to use any device that generates ozone during storage.

3, not allowed to pressure, stretching or other forms, not allowed to use rope, wire, etc. will be hanging through the product.

4, O-rings are generally packed in plastic bags, effective storage period is 2-3 years