Note The Installation O Ring

(1) the appearance inspection shall be carried out before installation. The surface shall not have burrs, burrs, impurities, dust and other defects and scratches. The diameter of the cross section shall be uniform

(2) apply hydraulic oil or grease before installation

(3) to prevent distortion or discount and tilt when installing. At the same time, to prevent scratching appliances.

(4) O-ring installation section diameter compression amount (delta 1+ delta 2) 5% - 3.5%, for a fixed seal has larger value, for sealed small value

(5) the installation should first consider the O-ring hardness, prevent the crowded seal gap to O ring is selected according to the appropriate hardness of the sealing gap and working pressure, rubber hardness should be level with the working pressure and gap size changes, high pressure, large gap hardness should be slightly larger, but slightly small

(6) in the process of installation, to prevent the bumps, first use the file to fix the sharp burr or turn it into an excessive chamfer, and then install the adhesive tape on the thread and the keyway surface, which can protect the o ring

(7) the 0 ring should be kept in contact with acid and alkaline material before storage, so as not to deform and seal badly