Mechanical Seal Repair

1) principle of the mechanical seal mechanical seal without any impurities. In front of the assembled mechanical seal, thoroughly cleaning the ring, static rings, bushings and other components. 2) check surface for scratches, cracks and other defects, these flaws can cause severe leakage of mechanical seals. Conditional can be a special tool to check whether the sealing surface flat sealing surface uneven, pressure water will enter the Assembly of mechanical seal ring seal, separate the rings and mechanical seal failure. Hydraulic test before Assembly tooling can be made when necessary. 3) check ring for sealing defects. Such as rings and ring sealing ring mating surface defects. 4) check the compensation spring for damage and deformation of mechanical seal, stubborn if the coefficient changes. 5) check whether the seal bushing Burr, grooves and other defects. 6) clean check all rubber sealing ring for cracks, holes and other defects, measure the diameter rubber ring is within a tolerance range. 7) the mechanical seal with a pumping mechanism to check the existence of the Helix screw pump crack, break, and other defects.