How To Design The O Ring Groove Size Ingeniously

O ring own advantages:

1) O ring is lighter in weight and smaller in space. It can be applied to large range of pressure, temperature and gap.

2) the O ring is suitable for a variety of different sealing media.

3) O ring is easy to repair and not easy to damage.

4) the function failure of O ring is generally gradual, and it is easy to find and identify.

5) the O ring has high wear resistance, and the O ring cover has the function of automatic elastic compensation after the cover is worn.

6) the O ring has a long service life and can reach the aging period of O ring material under the correct use conditions.

7) the O ring is suitable for a variety of seals, and the O ring can be used for rotary motion, axial reciprocating motion, or combined motion.

How to rationally design the size of O ring groove

The O ring in the groove will be deformed when the medium pressure is driven, and the edge part of the O ring will flow into the gap position to reach the O ring sealing function. The greater the pressure of the O ring is, the greater the deformation of the O ring, and the better sealing effect will be obtained in the O ring. When the pressure of the O ring exceeds its limit, the O ring will be squeezed into the gap, causing the failure of the O ring seal. For this purpose, the relationship between the hardness of the O ring, the working pressure and the gap tolerance must be properly matched when the O ring groove is designed. And when the O ring groove is designed, the gap of O ring groove should be as small as possible. In practical operation, inevitably, there will be large gap of O ring groove. In order to avoid the O  circle being squeezed into the gap, we should consider the material with strong extrusion strength and better dimensional stability to make O ring, such as polyurethane O ring.

O  ring use and O storage - precautions

1) O ring can not be used repeatedly.

2) when the O ring is loaded into the groove, be careful not to distort the O ring.

3) when the O ring is installed, the sealing medium can be applied to the groove and O ring.

4) O ring in the case of no use as far as possible do not open the O ring original packaging, so as to avoid O ring attached to dust or mixed.

The entry of foreign bodies may cause O ring damage.

5) the O ring should avoid direct sunlight or placed near the high temperature heat source such as the boiler so as to avoid the aging of O ring.

6) O ring should avoid binding on the needle or metal line to avoid O ring deformation and lip end damage.

7) what needs to be particularly explained is: the occasional discoloration of the O ring in the storage, that is, the surface of the O ring produces white powder.

This situation does not have a bad effect on the function of the O ring.