How Is High Performance Polytetrafluoroethylene Processed?

Concave convex surface and grooves of carbon fiber surface increased one can increase the carbon fiber, infiltration to PTFE resin and carbon fiber, but also conducive to the formation of strong mechanical engagement, but will increase the probability of surface micro cracks existing on the other hand, the tensile strength of carbon fibers decreased, so the surface treatment is usually to the expense of the strength. The composite material made of carbon fiber with high strength and ultra light, high temperature and high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal expansion coefficient, high modulus characteristics, greatly improve the physical properties of PTFE composites, mechanical properties, wear resistance. Compared with the pure PTFE products, carbon fiber filled PTFE with the increase of carbon fiber content, the elongation and tensile strength decreased, but the hardness will be increased. And with the increase of carbon fiber content, the friction coefficient decreases and the wear resistance is greatly improved, it is worth noting that adding a small amount of graphite, more conducive to to improve the performance of PTFE filled with carbon fiber, recommended for about 25%, while at the same time with graphite as a composite material for 3-5%, reciprocating or rotating conditions, especially in the water cycle parts than other filler PTFE, more effective, the characteristics of excellent wear resistance and long service life etc.. Carbon fiber is expensive and limited. It is widely used in some important spare parts. Such as hydraulic cylinder, cylinder seal components, liquid transmission machinery, guided support ring and other products