High Pressure And High Temperature High Sulfur Resistant Rubber Seals Made Of A Technical Breakthrough

In recent days, relying on China University of petroleum (Beijing) formed "Beijing key laboratory of materials and corrosion protection of oil and gas equipment" of the 2012 technology innovation base cultivation and development of specific-step program "H2S/CO2 environment with high temperature and pressure oil equipment development of seal rubber" passed expert acceptance. On the basis of the previous work in the subject, after in-depth study and achieved a breakthrough. Project developed with independent intellectual property rights, the end of our current situation of high sulfur resistant seal product imports, enhance the competitiveness of domestic equipment in the oil and gas equipment market in the world, as China-made equipment to the world providing cutting-edge technology. Under the guidance of the special funds, laboratory positive cooperation with the enterprises. Application of research results in oil pipes in machinery manufacturing Corporation and a number of units, produced good economic results, research results by Sinopec science and technology progress award.