Essential Modern Industry, Rubber Parts Is Widely

Rubber parts with natural rubber or synthetic rubber as raw material, supplemented with different varieties and amounts of additives to change rubber performance indicators, manufacture various rubber parts product obtained via the corresponding process. Rubber parts currently has penetrated to all areas of the national economy and national defense construction, indispensable for a modern industrial system. Rubber parts segment products according to different areas of application, product specific applications including railcar seals, sealing of shield tunnel, rail vibration reduction, containers, rubber seals, automotive rubber seal rubber parts, marine hatch covers areas of the rubber part seven. Rail transport include high-speed rail and urban transit. High speed development of rail transport, rail vehicle rubber water-stop rubber seal, shield tunnel seals and track vibration isolating rubber parts product brings huge market space. The accelerated process of urbanization brought about a substantial increase in doors, Windows and curtain walls, which led to greater demand for rubber seal.