Diaphragm Whether The Focus Is Accurate Is More Likely To Be Highlighted

Use a Diaphragm to achieve shallow depth of field, is a lot of photography enthusiasts shooting one of the fun, and the Diaphragm also helps the dark environment shooting, coupled with the market there are some Diaphragm fixed focus lens, cheap, quite worth Bought to use. But to the actual use, in fact, Diaphragm and shallow depth of field are accompanied by certain side effects, we need attention or remedy. From the photographer Dani Diamond to share, plus the author's personal views, the following is the use of Diaphragm shooting five notes, may wish to refer to.

1. Equipment selection

Diaphragm lens lens charm, of course, is its maximum aperture of f / 1.8,1.4 or even 0.95 like the exaggerated effect, but when the aperture to the maximum, the image quality will decline, and some even miserable. Specifications similar, but the price difference between the total of the lens, often in the open aperture when the high stand.

2. Focus position

Diaphragm to bring the shallow depth of field, it is easy to blur the background, and even the main body will be blurred, so the shooting must pay attention to the focus position, a little move will be wrong, the good photos are destroyed. Such as shooting portraits, the general focus is the main body of the eyes, the use of single-point focus will be more accurate.

3. Know the depth of field

Aperture will affect the depth of field, within the depth of field within the image clear, depth of field outside the image is blurred, and Diaphragm led to shallow depth of field, so easy to create the main clear, the background effect of Mongolia. But in addition, there are two other important elements: lens focal length and shooting subject distance, will affect the depth of depth, so the use of Diaphragm, does not necessarily lead to the main clear background, must also consider the other two elements, and Make adjustments.

4. Select the light source

Image sharpness, need a certain contrast to foil out, so the impact of light on the image is particularly important. The appropriate light source can be contrasted with light and shadow to increase the body's three-dimensional sense, and then strengthen the sharp sense of the image.

5. Autofocus problem

Use a Diaphragm lens, focusing on whether the situation is more likely to highlight the situation, and a lens can be because of their own quality, damage problems, resulting in auto focus is not accurate, if found this situation, you can find the original and the like to correct. On the other hand, manual focus is also worth learning and using the method, and digital cameras also have some focus assistance, such as zoom or peak focus, are quite useful ah.