What should I pay attention to when purchasing O-ring?

  Don't underestimate O-ring. Although it is small in size and light in weight, it has strong tensile strength and sealing performance. O-ring is generally widely used in mechanical equipment. Do you know what we need to pay attention to when purchasing? The following technical staff from Zhonggao will explain some points that need to be paid attention to when purchasing this kind of product.

  First, the buyer needs to determine the material of O-ring. With the development of technology, more and more materials are applied to the production of O-ring. Common materials include silicone fluororubber, EPDM rubber, Butyronitrile rubber, hydrogenated Butyronitrile rubber, silica gel, dinna rubber, teflon and so on.

  These materials have their own advantages and uses, and some are corrosion resistant. Some are high-temperature resistant, some are oil-resistant models, some are good in wear resistance, and some are low-temperature resistant. You need to clearly grasp the purpose and function when purchasing, in this way, you will not be dazzled when facing a wide variety of O-ring materials.

  Secondly, the size and specification of O-ring need to be clearly positioned. Generally, the specification of O-ring will be marked by outer diameter, inner diameter and wire diameter, generally, purchasers only need to calculate the inner diameter and wire diameter of O-ring that they need to purchase. As for the outer diameter, it is generally the inner diameter +2 * wire diameter.