What are the factors that affect the performance of washer

1) piston rod quenching hardness: HRC55-60, chrome-plating layer thickness 30-501m, after plating the piston rod to the ground without the Elimination of grinding helical trace. 2) speed: movement speed and the thickness of the oil film. High speed oil thickening and cows easily leak; too low a speed less than 0.05m/s, then the oil thin film, increasing friction, easy to produce "creep". 3) frictional resistance: sealing and friction of moving parts is changing. Starting friction maximum (dry friction), when you reach the appropriate speed, forming a continuous oil film between friction and frictional resistance decreased friction speed is too high, oil thickens, increase friction resistance reverse. 4) temperature: effect of oil temperature change oil viscosity, oil film thickness and sealing performance. In order to ensure the good performance of sealing, the temperature stability of hydraulic system 40-80C. 5) cleanliness: hydraulic claws, oil pollution control typically NAS level, namely oil dirt particles of diameter greater than &101m in concentration will, xiaoding 3mg/100ml.