What are the causes of general seal damage?

1. Hardening (aging)

One of the reasons for the leakage of the seal is that the material itself is hardened by the influence of temperature. When the hardness is too high, the seal cannot fill the gap with the matching parts, and leakage will occur.

2. Wear

The wear of seals involves the surface finish, movement speed and transmission medium of the matching parts. Different sealing materials adapt to different movement speeds.

3. Extrusion

When the seal is under excessive pressure, it will be squeezed into the metal gap and damage the seal to cause leakage. This situation involves the hardness of the seal itself and whether the metal gap is too large. Improper handling will cause extrusion damage.

4. Corrosion

The manifestation is that the seal is softened or even dissolved because the seal is invaded by the media and an error occurs when selecting materials. Pay special attention if the media contains water or solvents.