What are the advantages of wear-resistant rubber O-rings?

First, wear-resistant rubber

The long molecular chain in the wear-resistant rubber is hardly damaged, and the elasticity is good, which effectively improves the wear-resistant and cut-resistant performance of the rubber, reduces the damage of the rubber microstructure to a minimum, and keeps the product's natural rubber insulation and wear resistance Tensile and other characteristics. Unlike hard materials such as cast stone, composite ceramics, alloys, and steel, the elasticity of rubber can absorb and counteract impact and friction, perfectly showing its "soft and rigid" characteristics.


Second, anti-wear and corrosion resistance

Aufort employees randomly selected two ordinary wear-resistant rubbers on the market and compared them with Aufort rubber. The results show that to wear 1 mm, these two ordinary rubbers only need 13.8 hours and 24 hours. Orfort wear-resistant rubber takes 100 hours.

Three, equivalent to 2-4 times that of other rubbers

Due to the excellent performance of O-Rute rubber O-rings in tensile resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, it replaces ordinary rubber joints and protects equipment. O-Rute wear-resistant rubber products replace 2-4 of other rubber products. Times.

Fourth, convenient cutting and flexible application

The large size of Ao Fute wear-resistant rubber can be made to 9.26 × 1.26m. Users can cut and cold-bond the abrasion-resistant rubber sheet according to the needs of on-site transportation, pipes, hoppers, chutes, rollers, etc. like tailor clothes, which enhances the supplement of its use.