What are the advantages of the quick connector O-seal ring compared with other seals?

1. The structure of the internal sealing part of the joint body is relatively simple, the installation part is relatively compact, and the weight is relatively light.

2. The O-shaped sealing ring has the function of self-sealing. The O-shaped sealing ring only needs one seal and can complete the sealing. For example, inserting a self-sealing quick connector is to take advantage of it.

3. The quick connector O-shaped sealing ring has superior sealing performance. When the sealing ring is fixed, there is almost no leakage. If it is used as a sports seal, leakage may occur only when the speed is fast.

4. The quick connector O-shaped sealing ring has very little resistance when moving friction, and it can also be adapted to the use scenario where the pressure changes.

5. The O-shaped sealing ring of the quick connector is also equivalent to a standard part. Because its size groove has been standardized and the production cost is low. There are also many manufacturers of O-rings, so it is easy for us to find these manufacturers and buy them.