Use of O-ring

O-rings are widely used in the joints of various hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, cylinder faces and flange faces. For the O-ring used in the process of movement, when the working pressure is greater than 9.8Mpa, if one-way pressure is applied, a retaining ring is provided on the other side of the O-ring pressure direction; if the two-way pressure is applied, Place a retaining ring on each side of the profile ring. In order to reduce friction, wedges can also be used. When the pressure fluid is applied from the left, the right retaining ring is pushed up, and the left retaining ring does not contact the surface to be sealed, so the frictional force is reduced. In general, the use of a retaining ring will increase the friction of the sealing device, and the wedge-shaped retaining ring is very important to reduce this friction. For fixed O-rings, when the working pressure is greater than 32Mpa, a retaining ring is also required.