The difference between C- shaped seal ring and O-ring

The advantage of C- shaped ring is its simple structure. The upper and lower edges of C- shaped sealing ring have a circle of prominent arc, which is part of the line touch seal. When the standard parts are pre-tightened, the C- ring suffers from Axial reduction of ductility; When the actual operation time is, the cover is raised. On the one hand, the seal ring rebound force is extended; On the other hand, under the internal pressure effect, the more the line touch is pressed, the more tight it is. Select a moderate C- ring and make sure it has a suitable preload.

O-ring is a circular vulcanized rubber seal ring with a circular cross section, which is mainly used for mechanical parts to avoid leakage of liquid and vapor substances under static data standards. O-ring can also be used as axial continuous operation and low-speed rotating sealing components. According to different standards, different raw materials can be selected to be consistent with them. O-ring usually, we should try our best to choose O-ring with large cross section. Under the condition of the same gap, the capacity of O-ring squeezed into the gap should be smaller than the larger control value squeezed.