Small seals, can it play such a big role?

If the sealing system is defective in the hydraulic system, the sealing ring may have a replacement external leakage, and the oil leaking outside will pollute the environment; it can also make the air enter the suction chamber, so it is reasonable to replace the sealing ring material and design the shape of the sealing ring in the aircraft. The whole process of operation is very important.

In the case of general sealing rings, certain requirements must also be met. We generally find that when the leakage of the seal is caused by leakage, the seal of the same part number will definitely be found according to IPC, and its characteristics are rarely considered. At the same time, the corresponding replacement part number will be found, thus indicating that the seal rings of the two different part numbers have the same material and axial action. When designing and manufacturing sealing rings, manufacturers will consider the following requirements: they should have good sealing performance, and the pressure increase and temperature change can automatically improve the sealing performance; the friction between the sealing ring and the moving parts should be small, friction The coefficient should be stable; the sealing ring has strong anti-corrosion ability, is not easy to aging, has long working life and good wear resistance, and can be automatically compensated to a certain extent after wear. The structure is simple, easy to use and maintain, and the seal ring has a longer life.