Several factors affect the service life of the seal

The Ø-type sealing ring is one of the sealing rings, and it is also the most widely used one in the sealing ring. Because of its good sealing performance, simple structure, low cost, convenient installation and strong applicability.

First, the sealing ring data and working pressure:

The sealing ring data is also very sensitive to the working pressure. There are large differences in the pressures that can be accepted by different sealing rings and different types of sealing rings. Therefore, there are pressure and oil resistance in the sealing ring products. Temperature resistance. In the case of oil seals, the work pressure received is relatively small. If it exceeds the scale of acceptance, it will not only cause leakage but also reduce the service life of the seal.

The existence of the sealing ring is essentially to maintain the normal operation of the equipment and the maintenance equipment. For example, in the hydraulic cylinder, the sealing ring can prevent leakage in the surface and obstruct external impurities from entering the equipment, preventing contamination of the oil with oil and equipment components. Conflicts increase the life of equipment and reduce the problems presented at work.

The quality of a device's sealing device has increasingly become the main goal of discriminating equipment functions. With the development of modern mechanization, the old, rough-type sealing method will be gradually screened. The position occupied by the sealing device as an accessory to the mechanical device will become more and more important.

Second, the sealing ring data and mechanical movement speed:

The sealing ring data has different habits for the mechanical movement speed. When the mechanical rotation speed is high, the sealing ring of the general raw material may fail to cause leakage.

Third, the sealing ring data and working temperature:

The effect of temperature on the function of the sealed data is very high, too high or too low. Too high a temperature will lower the hardness and stretchability of the seal, and if the temperature is too low, the seal will become brittle. Therefore, each type of sealing material has its own customary minimum and maximum temperature. Most of the sealing materials are mostly mixed materials, so the temperature should be accurately controlled.

Fourth, the seal material and the medium compatibility at work:

Selecting the sealing material according to the sealing medium is a very important basis. Since the sealing ring will directly touch the sealing medium, if there is no excellent compatibility between them, not only the sealing ring but also the sealing medium will be contaminated. The raw materials of the sealing ring are not subject to corrosion and wear of the sealing medium, and a series of conditions such as chemical reactions occur, and special conditions require special consideration.