Rubber seals and rubber are used in industry

Rubber seals and rubber applied to railway locomotives, cars, planes, tall buildings, refrigerators and industrial parts, to prevent outsiders from dust, air, water enters the system, such as a rubber sealing element. Rubber seal from the seal and install two parts. This product is mainly used in body structure of the lip, cavity, ribs and other parts of the elastic coupling with the assembled parts (glass, metal, etc) contact pressure and surface sealing and decorative effect. Generally-used from 50℃to70℃in Kilning. Rubber slices dense Strip, sponge tape and glue, parts of the three composite seal according to their use and conditions of use, you can design different cross-section structures. Taking into account the ageing resistance, oil resistance, heat-resistance, fire resistance, resistance to sunlight, ozone, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, fire-retardant performance requirements, generally using neoprene, EPDM, Silicon rubber, natural-chloro-Butyl-Styrene-butadiene rubber, rubber and plastic materials, such as aging resistance of rubber manufacturing.