Rubber sealing clip is? What are the characteristics of

Rubber seal-seal devices in the category of common base component, leaks and seal the contradiction plays a very important role. --Is a highly elastic polymers. Is divided into two kinds of natural and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber from rubber trees, rubber, made from plant derived colloidal processing; from every kind of monomer polymerization of synthetic rubber. Rubber products are widely used in industry, or in all aspects of life. Rubber seal holder seal is a small category, there are many like this: for example, the rubber o-sealing ring is a low friction PTFE (PTFE) ring and the rubber o-sealing ring combinations, and o-rings provide adequate sealing pretension, and the compensation as wear of PTFE-ring. With shaft sealing ring (Bingley, Sturt times). 1. Bingley ring consists of a rubber o-rings and PTFE ring combinations. O-ring pressure ring for double-acting piston seal. Low friction, no crawls, start small, high pressure resistance. 2. at the ring are usually performed by a rubber o-rings and PTFE rings combined into. O-rings for the force components, provide enough sealing force and compensation to the Teflon rings. Rubber seal clamp seals as a small category, here.