Rubber gasket overview

The rubber gasket is a self-expanding sealing gasket, belonging to the pipeline sealing component. The gasket is composed of an outer ring, an intermediate expansion ring and an inner layer ring; the outer ring and the inner ring are general elastic sealing rings. The center of the intermediate expansion ring has a ring-shaped structure, and the two sides are hollow rings, and the outer ring is sealed on the outer side of the ring, and the inner ring is divided into two parts, and is installed on the inner side of the intermediate expansion ring ring structure.

There are many kinds of rubber gaskets. The materials used for rubber gaskets for different purposes are different. For example, if it is used for mechanical seals, it is required to be resistant to high temperature, oil and corrosion, and if used in the food industry. Then you need a more environmentally friendly and pollution-free material.

The material of the rubber gasket is generally divided into: silicone rubber gasket, butyl rubber gasket, nitrile rubber gasket, fluorosilicone rubber gasket, EPDM rubber gasket, neoprene rubber gasket, polyurethane rubber Sealing pad, hydrogenated butyl cyanide rubber gasket, fluoro rubber gasket, 9 materials.