Rubber ball action, classification and Application

Rubber ball is a kind of hollow rubber molding product. It is flexible after inflation. Rubber balls, balls of other materials, PVC balls, Pu balls and real rubber balls.

The role of rubber balls:

When the vibrating screen is working, the exciting force transmitted by the vibrating motor is transmitted to the screen, and is carried to the net, and the bouncing of the rubber ball can play the role of cleaning the material in the screen hole, thereby improving the sieving output.

The utility model has the advantages of a bouncing ball used for vibrating screens, a good rubber, good elasticity and abrasion resistance, and is arranged between the punching plate and the space frame in the vibrating screen, so that the material in the sieve hole can be effectively cleaned, and the output can be greatly increased.

Classification of rubber balls:

Rubber balls are made of ordinary rubber ball, natural rubber ball, ordinary silica gel ball, medicine silica gel ball and fluorine rubber ball.

Rubber ball features and scope of application:

The ordinary silica gel bouncing ball has the advantages of good elasticity, wear resistance, not falling off, etc., and is suitable for screening abrasion resistant materials.

The advantages of natural rubber ball has good elasticity, acid and alkali, but not oil resistant (resistant vegetable oil), suitable for general material screening.

The medicine silica gel bouncing ball has the advantages of no poison, no shedding, environmental protection, etc., and is mainly suitable for the screening of food, medicine and other materials.

The fluorine rubber bouncing ball has the characteristics of oil resistance, immersion in oil and no deformation, and is mainly suitable for screening oily liquid materials.