O-type silicone seal ring application range

1. Household appliance industry: various remote control buttons for identifying conductive functions; various insulating materials, conductive gaskets; various sealing strips, sealing rings; electrical sockets and various products requiring flame retardant.
2, the home industry: all kinds of kitchen utensils (silicone spatula, eggbeater, etc.); non-slip, insulated gloves; coasters, insulation pads; ashtrays; silicone cloth, silicone mat, massage mat.
3, mobile phone industry: a variety of mobile phone protective cover, protective film, dust plug, USB cover and so on.
4, other industries: all kinds of oil-resistant seals, sealing strips, all kinds of anti-collision heads, cushions, anti-skid mats; all kinds of wear-resistant, anti-static ring / pad; all kinds of resistant to sputum, corrosion-resistant products.