O-type seal

The Ø-type seal ring refers to a rubber ring with an "O" shape. It is the most widely used type of hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems. Mainly used for mechanical parts to prevent leakage of liquid and gaseous media under static conditions. In some cases, O-rings can also be used as dynamic sealing elements for axial reciprocating motion and low speed rotational motion. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, low cost, easy maintenance and various materials. It can be used as a seal for various fluids such as oil, water and gas. According to different conditions, different materials can be selected to suit each other.

From the sealing principle, the O-type sealing ring is an extrusion type sealing. The basic working principle of the extrusion type sealing is that the sealing member is elastically deformed, causing contact pressure on the sealing contact surface, and the contact pressure is greater than the sealed medium. The internal pressure does not leak, otherwise the leakage occurs.