O-ring storage Guide

O-ring storage Guide

Seals are usually used as spare parts to be stored for a long time. Under the influence of distortion, oxygen, light, heat source, humidity, oil or solvent, the O ring may fail due to the change of physical and chemical properties.

Here is the O ring storage condition rule:

Temperature: 5 to 25 degrees Celsius is ideal storage condition, avoid contact with heat source and sunlight irradiation. From the cryogenic storage state of the seal, first placed it in a 20 degree environment for a period of time re-use.

Humidity: the relative humidity of the warehouse is less than 70%, avoid too wet or too dry, avoid condensation phenomenon.

Deformation: elastic material as far as possible placed in a free state, to avoid tension, compression, or deformation, the original packaging elastomer is in the state of no deformation, try to use the original packaging.

Cleaning: clean the seals with soap and water. But water can not contact with fiber reinforced seals, rubber metal bonding seals, AU parts. Disinfectants, organic solvents and sharp tools are not permitted to use. The cleaned seals are dried at room temperature and not accessible to heat sources.

Radiation: avoid damage to seals caused by ionizing radiation.

Light: an artificial light source that avoids sunlight and strong ultraviolet rays. UV resistant packaging provides the best protection. It is recommended that the windows of the warehouse be painted with red or orange paint or with sunscreen.

Protection duration and monitoring

Polyurethane, thermoplastic material, 4 years

Nitrile rubber, 6 years

Ethylene propylene rubber for 8 years

Fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, fluorosilicone rubber for 10 years

Teflon infinite period

Even if the above good condition is preserved, the rubber with thickness less than 1.5mm is easy to oxidize and fail. Therefore, in the above years, must be regularly detected and tested.