O-ring installation requirements and leaks

When using imported O-rings, the quality of the installation process directly determines whether the sealing state is stable and also has a huge impact on the service life of the O-ring. In addition, the leakage problems that occur in the later stages of use are often caused by imperfect installation operations, which can easily cause damage to the O-ring products. Although the imported O-ring parts can be replaced during the operation of the equipment, if the replacement of the damaged sealing parts is not timely, it will cause great production loss and may even cause damage to the production equipment.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the handling of various details during the installation process, especially the timely adjustment of scratches and damage. Mistakes are not allowed in the installation operation, although the imported O-ring itself has high elasticity and deformation strength, but the wrong installation still causes great damage to the sealing parts. Problems such as scratches on the seal ring or distortion caused by careless installation are typical safety hazards. Thoroughly clean the seal groove and mating surface before installation to remove all impurities. If there are cracks or scratches, replace the parts in time. At the same time, evenly apply grease on the surface of the O-ring to ensure that the equipment is in good condition.

In addition, in order to avoid the entrance O-ring being scratched by a sharp object during the installation operation, a certain lead-in angle is left at the mounting shaft end and the hole section to keep the sealing ring smoothly installed to the fixed position. If a thread is required for the installation, it must be operated with a special metal guide sleeve. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to keep the O-ring from touching the sharp part when passing through the slit. Only in good condition can the normal operation be guaranteed.