Ningbo ZhongGao oil seal specifications model

First, the main products:

TC skeleton oil seal, TB skeleton oil seal, TA skeleton oil seal, VB skeleton oil seal, GA skeleton oil seal, UN skeleton oil seal, TCN skeleton oil seal, TCV skeleton oil seal, DKB skeleton oil seal, etc. Material: NBR, fluorine rubber (FKM ), Silicone (SI). Among them, fluoroelastomer oil seals are particularly suitable for use in: strong acids, alkalis, corrosive chemicals and high-speed environments; their temperature resistance is 30°C-280°C.

Oil Seal, Rubber Oil Seal, Oil Seal, Sealed Oil Seal, Rubber Skimmer Seal, No Frame Oil Seal, TC Oil Seal, SC Oil Seal, TC Oil Seal, Oil Seal, Oil Seal, Oil Seal Oil Seal, Double Lip Oil Seal Steel Skeleton Seal Rubber TC Oil Seal , Rubber TC skeleton oil seal, (GB seal), O-rings, combination pads, rubber seals, according to customer needs can be customized all kinds of non-standard oil seals and various miscellaneous pieces of rubber and other products.

Second, product features and performance requirements:

1, good wear resistance, high tear resistance, good bending strength;

2, tensile strength and elongation at break;

3, high temperature moderate (-30 degrees ~ +110 degrees);

4, the hardness adjustable range (Shaw 80A-95A);

5, low compression set rate;

6, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, good solvent resistance, high mechanical strength, long service life;

7, ozone resistance and good aging resistance;

8, non-toxic, in line with environmental requirements.

9. The price is low, the quality is guaranteed.