Installation and use

Installing and using sealing ring Note: (1) cannot be installed in the wrong direction and destroyed his lips. Save for more than 50 μ m lips, it could cause significant oil spills. (2) prevent the mandatory installation. Cannot type with a hammer, and a special tool to press the seal seat bore and use simple cylinders protect the lips by taking a key position. Before installation, to lip smear some grease so that installation and prevent burns when running in the early, pay attention to cleaning. (3) to prevent prolonged use. Dynamic sealing rubber seals used in General for 3000~5000h should be timely replacement of the sealing rings. (4) replace the seal size. In strict accordance with the specifications, the seals of the same size, otherwise no guarantee pressure tightness requirements. (5) avoid using the old seal. When using a new sealing ring, are carefully checked for quality, determining no small holes, bulges, cracks and defects such as grooves and flexible enough after use. (6) when installed, should take a strict cleaning open parts of the hydraulic system, is better to use special tools to prevent sharp edges of metal fingers scratched. (7) when replacing the seals, to strictly check the seal ring groove, remove dirt, grinding Groove bottom. (8) in order to prevent damage resulting in oil spills, must follow the rules of operation and cannot be overloaded or put the machine on for a long time working in the harsh environment.