How to measure the tensile property of rubber O-ring

Tensile property is a series of tests to determine the properties of rubber O-ring under tensile load, also known as tensile test. It is one of the basic methods of material mechanical property test, which is mainly used to check whether the material meets the specified standards and study the performance of the material.        

(1) The test is carried out on a tensile machine, which shall comply with the relevant provisions of GB / T 528-1998 "determination of tensile stress-strain properties of vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber". The tensile machine shall be equipped with a guide rack device and a device for measuring the elongation of the sample            

(2) The test fixture is composed of two axle wheels with ball bearing with diameter of at least 12mm. When the two wheels are close to each other, the new distance is within 25mm. The lower fixture is equipped with gear transmission device, which shall be toothed with the guide rack on the tensile machine during the test            

(3) The linear test fixture adopts the universal tensile test fixture, but it is necessary to ensure that the specimen is constantly in the clamping position during the test 。