How to improve rubber seals

Silica gel has unique characteristics of "high elasticity" at room temperature ". The high elastic deformation of silica gel actually comes from its molecular structure. Under the action of external force, the whole macromolecule is simply deformed. Because the rotation barrier of molecular bonds is relatively low, the modulus is low. After the external force is removed, because thermal motion of molecule simply conforms to its original deformation and changes towards the increasing direction, it will cause the silica gel to be stretched and the system value will decrease and become hot.

Silica gel sealing strip is made of silica gel and cloth layer. The quality of silica gel and cloth is directly related to the compression resistance, heat resistance and service life of the strip. Silicone sealing strip is a sealing device that uses a pair or number of pairs of end surfaces that slide relatively perpendicular to the axis to keep the stickers and combine them under the action of fluid pressure to achieve leakage resistance by auxiliary sealing, silicone sealing strip is an indispensable part in hydraulic and pneumatic components. The compression ratio is an important condition that affects the sealing effect. If the compression ratio is large, the sealing performance is good, but the friction force increases.

On the premise of ensuring reliable sealing, the compression should be as small as possible, which can reduce the friction force of silicone sealing strip and prolong the service life of sealing element. The raw material of silicone rubber sealing strip can be improved, and the improved silicone sealing strip material can selectively influence the friction resistance and crawling performance of silicone sealing strip.