How long is the service life of automotive seals?

Car seals believe that we pay little attention to this small part during maintenance, so many people don't know very well. The car will generally open for many years, but the service life of the car seal is definitely not long, so everyone I will ask, how long does the service life of the car seals? Let's see what everyone says.

Some people say that the design life of the car seal is 12 months, and the service life of some products can reach 3 years. Exceeding the design life performance degradation, due to the instability of the rubber accessories and the use environment, the impact of the use time, the sealing performance may be damaged in advance.

Others believe that automotive seals generally do not have an accurate service life, as long as they are not bad and do not leak oil, generally do not need to be replaced.

In summary, the car engine is generally used for high temperature resistance. The wear resistant material should be PTFE. However, depending on the specific material and environment, the service life of the car seal is the same. The environment and materials, the materials used, the life of the car seal is also different.