How important is rubber seal ring to 02s404 waterproof casing Atlas

1.02s404 waterproof casing Atlas what medium has passed through the wall pipe does not require rubber gasket material, because the medium is transported through the wall pipe without direct contact with flexible waterproof casing products, it has nothing to do with the media.

2.02s404 waterproof casing Atlas rubber sealing ring is divided into two kinds of O-ring, the main function is not to waterproof but to allow the pipeline to have sufficient space for displacement or vibration under the condition of thermal expansion and cold contraction generated when the ambient temperature changes, and the other is conical sealing ring, it is mainly aimed at structures with tight waterproof casing requirements. This type of sealing ring can not only protect pipelines and walls well, but also effectively prevent medium leakage.

3. Our commonly used seal rubber ring is O-type. Although the O-shaped seal ring material is not affected by the pipeline medium, the medium temperature has a direct impact on the material type, conventional flexible waterproof casing rubber sealing ring can withstand medium temperature between-20C ° and 80C °. If the medium temperature exceeds this range, high temperature resistant rubber material is required.